A new optimized form of Nerve Growth Factor: an anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective drug candidate for Glaucoma

Principal Investigator

Co-Principal Investigator

  • Francesca  Malerba, PhD

    Francesca Malerba, PhD

    European Brain Research Institute

Project Goals

We developed an optimized nerve growth factor, painless NGF (NGFp), that has the same neuroprotective properties as natural NGF but lacks adverse effects, such as pain and cell death signalling. NGFp, without the pitfalls of natural NGF, is a promising therapeutic candidate for glaucoma, able to rescue RGC degeneration through a synergistic action of neuroprotection and inflammatory modulation

Project Summary

NGFp is a variant of NGF with superior neuroprotective properties. We will carry out head-to-head experiments on glaucoma murine models, to compare the neuroprotective effectiveness and the superior efficacy of NGFp with respect to NGF. We will then assess if the RGC neuroprotection by NGFp is directed by microglia, using a microglia-depleted murine model of glaucoma. Finally, we will test if NGFp, like NGF, shows no effect on intraocular pressure. If so, we will evaluate a possible synergic retinal neuroprotection by the coadministration of NGFp with an ocular hypotensive agent.


First published on: May 15, 2024

Last modified on: July 22, 2024