An Effective Tool for Understanding Dysfunctional Eye Drainage in Glaucoma

Principal Investigator

Project Goals

The project aim is to develop an effective lab model for research into eye drainage dysfunction in glaucoma and for testing candidate treatments.

Project Summary

The most important risk factor in glaucoma is high pressure inside the eye from fluid that cannot properly drain away. Gaining a better understanding of this process is crucial for identifying new treatment targets in glaucoma. But lab models of the condition have several disadvantages that interfere with sorting out factors in fluid buildup.

To address this problem, Weiming Mao, PhD, and his team are developing a lab model that overcomes these disadvantages. The researchers expect their work to yield a novel tool that makes studying this drainage system in the eye much more straightforward. Such a tool will support scientists in better understanding how glaucoma develops and offer a way to test candidate treatments.


First published on: September 12, 2023

Last modified on: April 15, 2024