Charly Abi-Ghanem, Ph.D

Albany Medical College
Albany, NY

Dr. Charly Abi-Ghanem is a postdoctoral fellow at Albany Medical College in Dr. Kristen Zuloaga’s lab. He received his PhD in 2016 from Université Paris Sud (Paris Saclay) where he studied the role of androgens and the androgen receptor in myelin development and repair. He joined the Zuloaga Lab in August 2019, where he focuses on the effects of menopause (in females) or androgen loss (in males) on white matter damage and inflammation in various forms of dementia. Outside of the lab, Dr. Abi-Ghanem enjoys hanging out with his dog or tending to his plants in the house, garden, and aquarium. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.  


First published on: August 13, 2022

Last modified on: July 22, 2024