Camila de Avila Dal Bo, PhD, MSc

Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona State University
Arizona, USA

During my PhD studies at Laval University in Canada, my research focused on relaxin-3, a neuropeptide abundantly produced in the brain. Early studies revealed that relaxin-3 is involved in stress, arousal, memory, anxiety, metabolism and food intake43. I was particularly interested in its role in stress-induced eating disorders, and to explore specific questions using different in vivo and in vitro techniques, I worked in collaboration with international laboratories that specialize in relaxin-3/RXFP3 systems (The Florey Institute, Australia), nutritional neuroscience (NutriNeuro, France), G-protein-coupled receptors (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), and chronic stress (Arizona State University, USA). After 5 years of intensive training in molecular methods and mechanistic studies in rodents, I embraced the challenge of undertaking more clinically related studies and joined Dr. John Fryer’s laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, Arizona.

First published on: November 08, 2021

Last modified on: September 29, 2023