Ari Sudwarts, PhD

University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

Ari Sudwarts, PhD, is a postdoctoral researcher scientist in the Thinakaran Lab at the University of South Florida (USF) Byrd Alzheimer's Institute. He studied neuroscience as an undergraduate student before working as a research assistant in a molecular neurobiology lab at the National Institute for Medical Research in the U.K. (now part of the Crick Institute). Dr. Sudwarts earned his master's degree in biomedical and molecular sciences at King's College London, where he researched a novel drug as potential treatment for traumatic brain injury and neurodegeneration. 

His PhD project involved assessing a host of neurological disorders, including molecular, pathological, and behavioral measures. Dr. Sudwarts spent eight months in a start-up group in Okinawa, Japan, before joining the Thinakaran Lab at the University of Chicago and moving with the group to USF. 

During his four years with the Thinakaran Lab, he has focused on how the Alzheimer's risk gene BIN1 regulates microglial responses to inflammation and Alzheimer's disease pathologies. Dr. Sudwarts has extensive and specific expertise in cellular and molecular research in Alzheimer's disease.


First published on: August 30, 2023

Last modified on: May 25, 2024