Neuroprotection and Neuroenhancement in Glaucoma: A Clinical Trial for CNTF

Principal Investigator

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to evaluate safety and proof of concept for whether CNTF can enhance vision or protect against vision loss in glaucoma.

Project Summary

This is a randomized, controlled, single masked trial extension of a phase 2 clinical trial in human patients with glaucoma. The trial will evaluate the retina and optic nerve in patients using a series of advanced structure and function testing modalities (biomarkers), to increase the chance of detecting evidence of neuroenhancement (vision improvement) or neuroprotection (protection against vision loss). 

This clinical trial is one of the very few in the world studying neuroprotection in glaucoma. In addition, the trial leverages advanced biomarker imaging and functional testing to better measure patients' glaucoma. 

This study will deliver key data on (1) CNTF-secreting implants as a new potential treatment for glaucoma; (2) the value of new ways of measuring glaucoma; and (3) how to properly power multicenter pivotal Phase 3 trials in neuroprotection, to follow.


First published on: November 28, 2022

Last modified on: June 09, 2024