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BrightFocus Foundation is a premier private funder of research to defeat Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.  We are currently managing a nearly $65 million global portfolio of more than 260 scientific projects.

Recently Funded

Learn more about grants awarded in the most current fiscal year. More than $25 million in funding for 106 new awards in FY2021.

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More than $14 million in funding for 59 new ADR awards in FY2021.

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More than $6 million in funding for 23 new MDR awards in FY2021.

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Nearly $5 million in funding for 24 new NGR awards in FY2021.


Macular Degeneration Research

Extracellular vesicles isolated from the blood of people with Down syndrome-related Alzheimer’s disease have been shown to seed toxic tau species in the brains of normal mice, shedding light on the uptake and transmission of toxic tau.

National Glaucoma Research

BrightFocus-funded researchers were among the first to “map” the normal 3D structure of a protein called myocilin, which is abundant in the drainage pathway of the eye. Now, with a second grant, they’ve designed antibodies to help diagnose and treat myocilin misfolding as it contributes to glaucoma.